December 28 • 2023

Omni Nite

Each year faithful teenagers in the 7th-12th grade and the single aged YAFC alumni meet for an action packed night filled with great singing, preaching, competition, food, and fun. Everyone attending Omni Nite needs to arrive at Solid Rock Baptist Church before 5:00pm to get registered and seated for the evening service.

Omni Nite is an activity that teenagers love and look forward to. This activity is one of the few activities that is not used as an outreach. Therefore, we ask that you only bring teenagers and singles that have been faithful and are in good standing with your church. It is our desire to have a Christ-honoring night where Christians can enjoy good, godly fellowship amongst believers.

The night will come to a close the following morning at 3:30am at the 30 Strikes Bowling Alley where we will close in prayer and hand out Bible Reading Calendars for the new year. Please let us know your group is coming, and get ready to have a Blast at Omni Nite!

Time: 5pm Sharp
Date: Thursday December 28, 2023
Cost: $45
Dismissal: 3:30am


Bible Quiz
Roller skating
Ice Skating
Indoor Soccer
Ice Hockey

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