About Us

We are a group of teenagers and youth workers from the Northeast corridor of the United States. We love the Lord, and we are praying for revival in our country.

YAFC was started in May of 1992 by Br. Charles Clark III, co-pastor of the Solid Rock Baptist Church, in Berlin, New Jersey. Growing up in South Jersey, Br. Chalie developed a burden for teenagers in his area that resulted in God leading him to start Young Ambassadors.

Our Purpose

Is to strengthen local churches by helping to strengthen their teenagers. We meet throughout the year for activities which include Summer and Snow camps, conferences and good, clean fun. There are no attendance requirements or membership fees. Our goal is to see teenagers experience spiritual growth and to develop a love for their godly heritage.

We stand unapologetically for the old-time religion. We believe that the King James Bible is the Word of God, and we emphasize preaching the Bible. We teach our young people to live holy lives, and to also have a burden for the lost world.

Teenagers are encouraged to support and work in their local churches, and to respect the office of the pastor. We preach that parents should be respected and obeyed. Our challenge to teens is that they would represent the Lord Jesus Christ as Young Ambassadors for Him.

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